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Are you ready for Clean Air Zones?


With the negative impact poor air quality has on our health, Clean Air Zones (CAZ) are popping up in cities across the UK to combat this issue, but do you know how they work and what penalties you could face if you do not adhere to their rules?

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New E10 petrol coming this year


There’s a new eco-friendly petrol in town, which is due to be rolled out across the UK later this year.

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Speed limiters to be mandatory on new cars from 2022, but how do they work?


Mandatory intelligent speed limiters and data loggers are to be fitted on all new cars from 2022 after approval by the European Parliament. The UK will follow suit with these regulations despite leaving the EU.

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HMRC clarify the VAT treatment on charging electric vehicles


With the rise of electric vehicles, the use of public EV charging points is becoming much more common. HMRC has recently clarified their rules on VAT and input tax recovery with regards to charging electric vehicles.

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What is steer-by-wire technology?


Steer-by-wire is a steering system that does away with any direct mechanical connections between the vehicle’s steering wheel and the steering system. This innovation comes with several advantages.

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UK Driving Laws You Might Not Know About


When it comes to driving there are hundreds of different laws that you must abide by, some more obvious than others. In this article you’ll learn about some of the more obscure laws that could catch you out!

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Car Paint Types - Explained


Car manufacturers offer many different paint types, all with a variety of names. But what actually is the difference between Solid, Special Solid, Metallic, Pearlescent and Matte?

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Speeding Fines


Despite the 7,500 road casualties reported each year where speed is a contributory factor, and the number of speeding offences rising by 44% in the last five years, it seems that the message still isn’t getting through that ‘speed kills’. The reality is that just a few miles per hour extra can mean the difference between a minor knock, a severe injury or even death.

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Vehicle Leasing Explained Simply


Vehicle leasing is becoming a more popular option than ever, with private consumers and businesses alike taking notice of the numerous benefits that it can offer. In this article we explain car leasing in the simplest of terms and explore just some of the benefits it could offer you.

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Winter Driving Tips


Driving in winter conditions can provide numerous hazards, especially for the unprepared. With snow having an affect on commuters across the country, and more due to hit the UK shortly, we have some helpful tips and important information for driving in these dangerous conditions.

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