Winter Driving Tips

On By Sam Allibone
Winter Driving Tips

Driving in winter conditions can provide numerous hazards, especially for the unprepared. With snow having an affect on commuters across the country, and more due to hit the UK shortly, we have some helpful tips and important information for driving in these dangerous conditions.

Preparation for your journey

In these hazardous conditions it is worthwhile considering the journey ahead. Whilst some journeys might be essential, it is worth considering the importance of driving on potentially dangerous roads.

If you decide that the journey is required, plan your route prior to entering your vehicle and allow plenty of extra time. All drivers should be proceeding slower than usual and will also eliminate any rush or hurry. 

It is also suggested that you listen to the weather broadcasts or check the areas you will be driving through online. In some circumstances it may be best to let someone else aware where you are going and when you expect to arrive.


Preparing your vehicle

Before any journey in these conditions, we advise that you ensure your vehicle is fully prepared. Please refer to our handy vehicle preparation checklist below: 

  • Clean your lights and ensure they are working efficiently
  • Check that your vehicles battery is fully charged
  • Test that the ignition works without any issues
  • Clear your windscreen and windows ensuring they are clean
  • Test that your windscreen wipers are functioning fully prior to setting off
  • Top up your fluids – anti-freeze, windscreen wash and oil

One of the most important items to check is your tyres. Make sure to check the general conditions of your tyres and take note of their tread depth. Optimal tyre conditioning will ensure that stopping on winter surfaces is as efficient as it needs to be.



Before driving in these conditions, it is well worth considering the factors mentioned above. Be extra cautious driving on ice and snow and drive at a reduced speed. Take your time and stay safe. 

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