Benefits of going Electric



There are many benefits to driving an electric vehicle. We've listed below some of the main advantages.


Become Eco Friendly

It's no secret that Internal Combustion Engined (ICE) vehicles contribute to polluting our planet. By making the switch to an electric vehicle, your vehicle will produce 0g/km of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions every time it is driven, sending less harmful content into the atmosphere. Becoming eco-friendly can give you the feel-good factor of knowing you are doing your bit for the planet.


Get the latest technology

Electric cars come with the latest ever-improving technology, offering not only high levels of specification but an ever-increasing all-electric range too. Vehicles with an electric powertrain also normally offer higher performance levels than their ICE counterparts, especially when it comes to acceleration and smoothness of the ride thanks to the lack of gears.


Priority Parking

Whether you're going shopping, visiting the cinema or parking at your local multi-storey car park, you will find priority parking in the most convenient spaces.


Unrestricted Access to City Centres

Many cities have already implemented low emission zones, in a bid to help reduce pollution. In these zones, vehicles that produce over a certain level of CO2 have to pay a charge when driving in the city, which will only become more prevalent over the coming years as these areas expand. Driving a zero-emission vehicle typically exempts you from most charges, saving you money and hassle.


No Fuel Costs

The biggest of all savings is the lack of fuel costs, which are always on the rise. By going electric, you will replace trips to the petrol station with charging the car at a more convenient location instead, such as at home or at work. On average, the pence per mile of a petrol car is 13 pence, whilst the average cost per mile of an electric car is just 4 pence. This represents a massive 9 pence per mile saving, which adds up during your ownership!


Lower Service & Maintenance costs

Electric vehicles have fewer working parts than ICE vehicles, this means that there are fewer parts that could go wrong resulting in a breakdown. Over the course of the vehicle's lifetime this could help you save on maintenance costs!


No Road Fund License

Electric vehicles do not pay an annual road fund license like traditional ICE vehicles, thanks to their low emissions. With annual Road Fund License costs sitting near the £200 mark, on average, this is an added bonus for electric vehicle owners.


No Congestion Charge

Zero and low emission cars usually do not have to pay the congestion charge to enter the inner sectors of the UK's largest cities.


Free parking

Some supermarkets, service stations and retail parks offer free of charge parking for electric vehicles.