Benefits of going Electric



Electric vehicles are growing in popularity and for good reason. There are many advantages to driving an EV and in this article, we've listed our favourites.


Be Environmentally Friendly

Being more environmentally friendly will give you the feel-good factor! It's no secret that Internal Combustion Engined (ICE) vehicles contribute to polluting our planet.

By making the switch to an electric vehicle, your EV will produce 0g/km of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions every time it is driven, sending less harmful content into the atmosphere. This will not only help to improve the greater climate picture, but it will also help to improve air quality locally, especially in built-up areas.


No Fuel Costs

The biggest of all savings is the lack of fuel costs, which are often on the rise. By going electric, you can replace trips to the petrol station with charging at more convenient locations instead, such as at home or at work.

Charging is much cheaper than paying for petrol or diesel and in the long run, this will save you lots of money. Many energy companies also offer special tariffs to save you money when charging at home.


Lower Service & Maintenance costs

Electric vehicles have fewer working parts than ICE vehicles, this decreases the chance of a breakdown. Over the course of the vehicle's lifetime, this could help you save on maintenance costs.



No Road Fund License

Currently, electric vehicles do not pay an annual road fund license like traditional ICE vehicles, thanks to their low emissions. With annual Road Fund License costs sitting near the £200 mark, on average, this is an added bonus for electric vehicle owners.


Enjoy Easy Driving

Electric vehicles have no gears, all you have to do is put your foot down and go. Some EVs also have an option for one-pedal driving, this means you put your foot down to go and lift it back up to brake. Overall this makes EVs less stressful to drive especially in tedious stop-and-start traffic.


Make Less Noise

Electric cars don’t have large noisy combustion engines, which means that they are much quieter to drive. In fact, EVs are so quiet that they are now required to have an Acoustic Vehicle Alert System (AVAS) fitted to emit a sound when travelling below 12mph just so that they’re not completely silent.

This quiet driving combined with zero emissions will help make urban areas more peaceful and pleasant places to live.



Get the Latest Technology

Going electric offers you the chance to try out the latest technology and developments in the automotive industry. With the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles looming closer, now is a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd and get ahead with a shiny new EV.


Improved Performance

Because electric vehicles have no gears it means that generally, they have better acceleration than standard petrol and diesel vehicles. Some of the latest EVs on the market can even accelerate from 0-60mph in just 2 seconds.

As well as this, the battery in an EV is often mounted to the chassis beneath the floor. This gives EVs a low centre of gravity that makes them easier to handle and more satisfying to drive.


Easier Parking

Whether you're going shopping, visiting the cinema or parking at your local multi-storey car park, you will often find dedicated EV priority parking in the most convenient spaces.



Unrestricted Access to City Centres

Many cities are implementing low-emission, clean air zones in a bid to help reduce pollution. In these zones, vehicles that produce over a certain level of CO2 have to pay a charge when driving within its boundaries.

These zones will only become more prevalent over the coming years as these areas expand. Driving a zero-emission vehicle typically exempts you from most charges, saving you money and hassle.


Get More Space

Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than petrol or diesel vehicles. They don’t need engines, fuel tanks, gearboxes, exhaust systems or catalytic converters – to name a few. This allows EVs to maximise interior space giving passengers plenty of leg room.

What’s more, is that the battery can be built into the floor too which frees up space at the front and back. This creates what’s known as a ‘frunk’ underneath the bonnet for drivers to store extra luggage.


Improve Your Business' Image

As well as standing out from the crowd, upgrading your business fleet to electric vehicles is an excellent chance to improve your company’s image. A fleet of new EVs echoes a successful and environmentally conscious business.



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