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Innovative Cars: Porsche’s First Ever Car Was Electric


The car manufacturer Porsche, known for its stylish and luxurious cars, have come along way since its first ever model, the ‘Egger-Lohner electric vehicle C.2 Phaeton model’ or simply put, the P1.

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UK Driving Laws You Might Not Know About


When it comes to driving there are hundreds of different laws that you must abide by, some more obvious than others. In this article you’ll learn about some of the more obscure laws that could catch you out!

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Innovative Cars: Toyota Prius


In 1997 the Toyota Prius launched and became the first mass produced hybrid car in the world. Its technology would help to inspire a wave of new electric vehicle designs across the globe.

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What are those small black dots on your windscreen?


We all recognise them, but have you ever wondered what the little black dots on your windscreen do or why they are there? As it happens, they serve a few important purposes.

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New Nissan Ariya


The New Nissan Ariya is due to arrive later this year. The Japanese car manufacturers are looking to build upon their EV success established by the LEAF with the Ariya that is set to expand the ever growing electric crossover bracket.

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New Cupra El-Born


The brand new Cupra el-Born will be the Spanish brand’s first ever electric vehicle. Drawing many comparisons to the popular Volkswagen ID.3, the el-Born promises to be a stylish and sporty EV.

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New Volkswagen Tiguan R


Volkswagen have once again added to their highly regarded R line up with the brand new Tiguan R. These powerful performance enhancing modifications makes this comfortably the fastest variant of Volkswagen’s best-selling SUV to date.

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New Electric BMW iX3


BMW announced its second fully electric model last year for pre-order which will be on sale in the UK this summer.

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New Electric Mercedes EQA


The German brand’s smallest electric SUV to date is set to go on sale in February 2021 and then introduced into UK markets in late March. With its majestic exterior and luxury interior, this EV will be sure to appeal to customers.

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Meet the Ford Puma ST


The new Ford Puma ST is the third crossover from Ford to join the ST line-up proceeding the Focus and the Fiesta. The sporty compact SUV promises to be a fun drive, backed up with some superb specs.

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