New Tesla Model 3 Receives Refreshed Design & Longer Range

On By George Poland
New Tesla Model 3 Receives Refreshed Design & Longer Range

Tesla has given its most affordable model a makeover, which includes new styling, a refreshed interior, improved refinement and more range.

Scheduled to arrive in the UK early next year, the updated Model 3 boasts a sleeker and more aerodynamic exterior that’s reminiscent of the Model S. The fog lights have been seamlessly integrated into the headlight units and C-shaped tail lamps are now part of the rear boot lid.

The car's new wheel designs have also been fine-tuned from an aerodynamics perspective. Thanks to these alterations and the adoption of more efficient tyres, the anticipated range is expected to increase by around 5-8% despite using the same batteries as before.

The Long Range model's total mileage is projected to jump from 394 to 421 miles and the entry-level Rear-Wheel-Drive model is expected to go from 305 to 344 miles.

A more slippery design also means that the new Model 3 is quieter to drive. The cabin features new 360-degree acoustic glass, upgraded suspension bushings, seals and sound-dampening materials, which combine to give a more refined driving experience.

Inside, there are notable changes as well. The cabin now includes customisable ambient lighting that wraps around the interior, while ventilated front seats and heated seats throughout are seamlessly integrated into the automatic climate control system.

The centre console has been redesigned and covered in aluminium. Three USB-C charging ports are also on hand to fast-charge devices, each delivering up to 65W of power.

Furthermore, Tesla has introduced its own premium audio system with 17 speakers, dual subwoofers and dual amplifiers for Long Range models, plus 9 speakers, a single subwoofer and an amplifier for Rear-Wheel Drive models.

New and improved microphones have been added to enhance call quality too and an all-new 8-inch rear display now controls climate settings, ventilation, and entertainment.

Tesla's commitment to a minimalist driver interface continues, with traditional stalks being replaced by steering wheel controls that incorporates haptic switches and physical buttons. Smart Shift, a feature borrowed from the latest Model S and Model X, automatically selects the appropriate driving mode when you begin your journey. The 15.4-inch centre display retains its previous size but features a slimmer bezel.

Finally, the Model 3 introduces two new colour options: Ultra Red and Stealth Grey.

While official pricing details are yet to be disclosed, a modest price increase is expected, along with a reduction in the discounts that have previously been offered on the older model.