New Volkswagen ID.GTI Concept is Headed for Production

On By George Poland
New Volkswagen ID.GTI Concept is Headed for Production

Volkswagen has breathed new life into its iconic GTI brand with the electric hot hatch joining its growing ID line-up.

Almost half a century since the first Golf GTI made its debut, Volkswagen has unveiled the ID.GTI Concept. This high-performance EV carries forward the esteemed GTI badge on an electric ID.2 platform.

Contrary to earlier hints of an impending GTX badge for its sporty electric models, Volkswagen has instead opted to preserve the revered GTI moniker for its high-performance, all-wheel-drive cars. The 'I’, once symbolizing "Injection”, now represents "Intelligence" according to the German manufacturer.

Unlike some concept cars which are designed solely for the show floor, Volkswagen has confirmed production for the ID.GTI Concept, just like it did with the ID.2all earlier this year.

Details regarding the powertrain have yet to be confirmed, however, we do know that the standard ID.2 concept has a potent 223bhp electric motor that drives the front wheels. VW claimed that a sub-7-second 0-62mph sprint and 100mph top speed was possible for this EV, so anticipate even better statistics on the new GTI.

An electronically controlled front-axle differential lock ensures seamless power delivery without compromising traction, akin to the current-generation Golf GTI.

A noteworthy feature of the new ID.GTI is the GTI Experience Control, located on the centre console. This system allows the driver to customize the drive system, running gear, steering, sound experience and the simulated gear shift points to emulate the characteristics of historical GTI models.

The interior can be configured to pay homage to classic GTI models too. A ‘Vintage Mode’ option transforms the digital displays inside to mimic the instrumentation of past GTI cars.

Whilst the ID.GTI is considered compact by contemporary standards, it dwarfs the original Golf from 48 years ago. Measuring 4,104mm in length and with 20-inch alloy wheels.

At the back, the boot is surprisingly spacious. 490 litres of cargo space is on offer which is much better than the new MINI Electric’s 200 litres.

As this is still technically a concept, pricing remains unknown. The entry-level ID.2 is predicted to cost around £25,000, so by using this as a reference, the ID.GTI could come in around the £30,000 mark when it arrives in 2026.