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New Audi A6 e-tron


The new A6 Audi e-tron will be the first saloon to run on Audi’s new PPE (Premium Platform Electric) architecture for electric cars, and will join their well-established A6 line-up, ahead of its 2023 launch date.

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Why does travelling in a car make us tired?


Most of us at some point in our lives have experienced tiredness whilst on a long car journey, but why is this?

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New Toyota bZ4X


It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but the new bZ4X will be the first of many new fully electric cars from Toyota.

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The greatest safety invention of all time


The three-point seatbelt was invented in 1959 and it’s estimated that the belt has saved over a million lives since its creation, making it not only one of the best automotive inventions but one of the greatest inventions of all time.

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Why does your car indicator make that ticking noise?


The rhythmic ticking of a car indicator is an unmistakeable sound that we’re all familiar with, but why is that the sound we hear when we’re signalling?

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New Mercedes-Benz P-Class


Mercedes-Benz have revealed their latest car - a stylish 2-door pickup. The P-Class shares much of the same body work as the latest A-class but with a nifty pickup twist.

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Innovative Cars: SMART Forrail


The SMART car has been known for many years now as an efficient commuting machine. Cheap in price, small and very lightweight – SMART produced a car that could reliably get you from A to B with excellent fuel efficiency.

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How to unlock a car using your brain


If you’re ever caught in the scenario where you’ve lost your car in a car park then there’s a bizarre strategy that might help you out.

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Innovative Cars: Citroen DS


The Citroen DS is a true icon of the automotive world. It may not be the quickest of cars but its innovations moved the industry in a way that hadn’t been seen before.

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Innovative Cars: Tesla Model S


Perhaps the most exciting car to be produced in the past decade, Tesla broke new boundaries with its Model S.

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