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Trailer towing law change


On Thursday 16th December, changes to the trailer towing law finally came into place.

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Plug-in Grant Changes


The Government has announced cuts to the plug-in car and van grants which will begin from today (15/12/2021).

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Toyota Mirai sets 845-mile record


Toyota’s hydrogen Mirai managed to drive an incredible 845 miles on one tank of hydrogen.

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Vauxhall Corsa becomes UK’s best-selling car in 2021 so far


According to the latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), 26,215 Corsas have been registered in the first 7 months of 2021.

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Cost of petrol hits highest level since 2013


The AA has just revealed that the price of petrol is the highest it has been since the beginning of October 2013.

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New E10 petrol coming this year


There’s a new eco-friendly petrol in town, which is due to be rolled out across the UK later this year.

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Speed limiters to be mandatory on new cars from 2022, but how do they work?


Mandatory intelligent speed limiters and data loggers are to be fitted on all new cars from 2022 after approval by the European Parliament. The UK will follow suit with these regulations despite leaving the EU.

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HMRC clarify the VAT treatment on charging electric vehicles


With the rise of electric vehicles, the use of public EV charging points is becoming much more common. HMRC has recently clarified their rules on VAT and input tax recovery with regards to charging electric vehicles.

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Manual cars to be extinct by the end of the decade


For the first time, the majority of new car sales in the UK during 2020 were automatics. In 2019 this figure was around 49%, which was up from 43% the previous year.

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New Green Number Plates for Electric Vehicles


In the continued push to make the planet more sustainable and to encourage people to be more environmentally friendly, new green number plates were introduced last year.

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