New Land Rover Range Rover facelift

On By George Poland
New Land Rover Range Rover facelift

This is just the fifth generation of the iconic Land Rover Range Rover and it might just be its most significant step forward yet.

The key highlights of the latest facelift will see the Range Rover receive plug-in hybrid options and seven-seat capability for the first time.

The two PHEV options will be badged as the P440e and the more powerful P510e. These will come with a 3.0-litre petrol engine, a 38.2kWh battery and a 141bhp electric motor for a range of 60 miles before their petrol engines wake up.

If you want to go really fast, the leading trim will have a 530bhp V8 4.4-litre twin-turbo unit from BMW, that'll allow you to go from 0-62mph in just 4.6 seconds.

You'll be able to get this SUV in SE, HSE, Autobiography, and SV trim levels. There's also a First Edition version of the Autobiography that gets the Sunset Gold Satin exterior colour.

The styling of the latest Range Rover is much more polished and rounded than previous designs. The front grille has been redesigned with a new pattern and the LED headlights are a little sharper.

Most of the sensors have been incorporated into a panel placed at the bottom of the car’s bumper. This adds to the smooth styling whilst also contributing to the Range Rover’s impressive 0.30 drag coefficient rating.

At the rear, the tail-lights and indicators make up one solid black bar that wraps cleanly across the boot of the car.

Land Rover has said how the design of the latest facelift is all about trying to reduce the lines and joints to create a more minimalist and flowing design.

Whilst you can still get the Range Rover with 5 or 4 seats, you can also opt for a longer wheelbase that’ll give you the chance to squeeze in a total of 7 seats.

In the cabin, there’s a 13.7-inch screen and if you choose the Entertainment package, you’ll get an additional two 11.4-inch touchscreens attached to the backs of the front seats.

To add to the luxury, a 35-speaker system has noise-cancelling abilities to make the interior quiet and relaxing. The clever MLA-Flex platform also allows you to charge up your mobile phone on the go. 

This latest refresh comes with the news that Land Rover plan to release their first fully electric Range Rover in the next 3 years. This latest launch will be the first stepping stone into electrification for the luxury brand.