Bridle Maintenance


Our in-house maintenance package.

Bridle Maintenance is our in-house optional agreement which covers a variety of costs associated with keeping a vehicle in roadworthy condition, in exchange for a fixed monthly cost.

For example, when a vehicle inevitably needs new tyres, the driver only needs to arrange an appointment to get the replacements fitted to the vehicle. The full cost will be covered by Bridle Maintenance.


Why should I choose a Bridle Maintenance contract?

Your new vehicle must be regularly serviced and maintained in accordance with the Manufacturer’s recommendations. This is a requirement under the terms and conditions of your finance agreement to ensure that the vehicle remains reliable and roadworthy which is important for the safety of you, your passengers, other road users and pedestrians.

Maintaining a vehicle can be expensive, and it is important to budget for the cost of repairs and replacements, as well as for any unexpected expenses such as a puncture which could lead to a new set of tyres. Our maintenance package covers:

  • All damaged or worn tyres
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Electrical faults
  • Replacement battery
  • All bulbs, exhausts and cam belts
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Servicing
  • MOTs (if applicable)
  • Breakdown Assistance


Taking out a maintenance contract not only removes the timing of a nasty bill, it also enables easy budgeting by spreading the cost of repairs and replacements over the term of the finance agreement.

It often works out less expensive than arranging this yourself, as Bridle Maintenance has negotiated strong discounts on parts and labour which we pass on to you.

Plus, there’s the convenience of having access to a dedicated booking team who will make all of the arrangements for your service and repair using a national network of approved garages offering the highest standards.


What if I don't want to take out a Bridle Maintenance agreement?

You may take out a maintenance agreement with your vehicle's funder direct, if you wish to opt for a funder-maintained contract.

If you decide to opt for a customer maintained agreement and manage your own maintenance costs, you must ensure that any service or maintenance is carried out promptly by an approved dealership using genuine parts.

If you fail to service and maintain the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, you will be breaching the terms of your finance agreement and will be responsible to the funder for additional charges.


How do I opt for a Bridle Maintenance agreement?

Your Sales Consultant will discuss maintenance options with you when they quote for your new vehicle, advising whether you are eligible for a Bridle Maintenance contract. Please discuss this product with them.

Visit the Bridle Maintenance hub for more information, or call the helpline on 0333 014 5516 for assistance.