Bridle Fleet Auditing


Helping you manage your fleet.

Fleet-related legislation is becoming a major headache for many businesses - we aim to take the strain away with our fully comprehensive audits.


What is Fleet Auditing?

There is a vast array of complex taxation, grey fleet and legislative issues, all of which stem primarily from environmental and duty-of-care concerns. Add commercial vehicles to the mix and it becomes clear that organisations want key suppliers to accurately assess their needs.

Manufacturer terms and fuel costs affect what types of car organisations want, different funding options impact on the bottom line in different ways and, of course, vehicles and drivers have to be managed.

Our Fleet Consultants focus on helping clients to understand these factors and break them down into easily digestible chunks. The aim is an optimised solution that comes from a well-thought-out vehicle policy, a sensible approach to fleet management and a comprehensive approach to driving on business that works.


What is included in our audit?

  • Car Policy
  • Employee Scheme
  • Finance and Funding
  • Fleet Management
  • Duty of Care Legislation
  • Driving in Savings the Environmental Way


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