SUV Car Leasing

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are the largest growing sector of vehicles in the UK - they gained popularity in the US in the late 80's. Although often designed to look like a 4x4, more often than not they come as a 2WD (2 Wheel Drive) model. The main reason the SUV market has flourished is that this category offers superior interior space over a more traditional saloon or hatchback. Most SUVs will comfortably seat 5 adult passengers with bags of room for luggage, and safety is often thought to be greater. The fact that SUVs are larger certainly offers more practicality and comfort to drivers, but one downside to owning a larger vehicle is the extra size and weight, which may give a reduced MPG. However, we are now starting so see a number of manufacturers produce Hybrid and Electric engines for their SUV models, greatly adding to the overall MPG. If you are looking for a different vehicle, a formal quotation or further information then please give us a call.

Popular too is the Crossover segment, which defines vehicles small in size but SUV-like in appearance. This can mean Crossovers may be the same size as a hatchback, but have a higher ride height and increased visibility. This segment generally has more practicality over their hatchback counterparts which, combined with their SUV-like style, is the reason why this market is expanding rapidly.