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The Cupra Formentor is a compact crossover SUV from Cupra. Labelled as a 'coupe-SUV' the Formentor is available in standard petrol or as an eHybrid in the following trims: V1, V2, VZ1, VZ2 and VZ3.

Leasing a Formentor will give you a beautiful and practical SUV. Under the Cupra name, the Formentor promises to have a sporty edge over other SUVs on the market - top speeds exceeding 150mph and a 0-60mph below the 5-second mark makes this vehicle very exciting to drive.

The interior has premium quality too, with sporty leather seats alongside a 12" touchscreen and ambient lighting to fit your mood. If you're looking for an SUV that's fun to drive around whilst also being very useful at the same time, then the Cupra Formentor is for you.

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