BMW X5 Lease

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If you’re looking for a luxury SUV, the BMW X5 is hard to beat. It feels very sporty to drive, but it is also incredibly comfortable, and it is luxurious on the inside. This is the fourth generation of the vehicle, and it is a great option if you want to lease one of the best SUV’s around right now.

Handling is superb, and you will find the X5 very stable. It handles bends particularly well, and grip is great too. The suspension is also smooth so you won’t feel the bumps. The stylish interior gives it a very upmarket feel, and electric seat adjustment ensures you drive in comfort. Parking sensors are included on every side, and a reversing camera makes manoeuvering easy.

It also has a fantastic infotainment system, and you will find that the interior is spacious for both the passengers and the driver. It does not have a massive boot, but it’s not too small either. A front collision warning feature is optional as is automatic emergency braking, and there are lots of safety features that come as standard too.

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