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Toyota Mirai sets 845-mile record


Toyota’s hydrogen Mirai managed to drive an incredible 845 miles on one tank of hydrogen.

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New Lucid Air with 520-mile range enters production


The new Tesla rival, Lucid, has finally gone into production with its EV Air saloon.

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How to save fuel


Fuel shortages have caused issues up and down the country over the past week with panic buying causing long queues outside any petrol station that has petrol or diesel available.

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How do speed cameras work?


Speed Cameras have become a crucial tool in maintaining and improving road safety on UK roads with their ability to measure whether drivers are breaking the speed limit.

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New Ford Fiesta facelift


The Ford Fiesta so often sits atop Britain’s best-selling vehicles list at the end of the year, but with the Vauxhall Corsa leading in new car registrations in 2021, the Fiesta is receiving a well-timed facelift.

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New Volkswagen ID.Life Concept


The ID.Life is Volkswagen’s latest concept car. Due to arrive in 2025, the ID.Life could prove to be a significant car for the German manufacturer because of its competitive pricing.

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How do number plates work?


By law every car on UK roads must display a vehicle registration number, or ‘number plate’ as it’s otherwise known. This unique combination of letters and numbers allows every car to be identified.

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New Mercedes-Benz EQE


Mercedes-Benz have finally revealed the EQE – the EV E-Class equivalent. It becomes the German manufacturer’s second model to be underpinned by the EVA2 platform and looks ready for launch in 2022.

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17 Interesting facts about cars


Do you know any of these facts about cars?

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How do airbags work?


In 1951 the airbag was invented by Walter Linderer – an invention that would go on to save people’s lives every day.

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