The Bridle Group are proud to launch the Bridle Assist App!

On By Sam Allibone
The Bridle Group are proud to launch the Bridle Assist App!

Bridle Assist App


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The Bridle Assist App combines the many tasks and the multitude of data associated with running a vehicle into one central location, enabling you to record and access your vehicle and contract information wherever and whenever you need.

Whilst providing easy access to information and services for individuals, the Bridle Assist App is also the ideal companion for large fleets of company vehicles.

Data inputted by drivers of company cars can be easily accessed via an online portal, providing fleet managers with the necessary information they need to maximise the efficiency of the fleet. The portal will also provide details such as contract end dates and when the next service is due for each vehicle, helping managers to keep track of their fleet.

Drivers of the company vehicles will also benefit from features such as ‘Driver Checklist’ and ‘Trip Recorder’ – the purposes of which are explained below.


Key Features.


Mileage Tracker

Input your current mileage into the mileage tracker to record the number of miles you have travelled since the last entry, or just to keep track. This data will also be transferred to the central system to be accessed by fleet managers.


Find My Nearest…

Quickly locate the nearest Kwikfit, Car Park, Electric Charging Point or Fuel Station and get directions to or call the service (if applicable).


Driving Tips

Learn ways to make your driving style more economical and find out what to do if you have an accident. You can also get tips on driving during the winter period and find out the processes to go through when looking to drive overseas.


End of Lease Checklist

A trackable checklist designed to cover what needs to happen at the end of a lease agreement. A Fair Wear and Tear Guide is also viewable, to highlight what is ‘acceptable’ cosmetic damage on a returning vehicle.


Driver Assistance

Get quick information for things such as who to call for glass replacement, what to do in an accident or what to do if your vehicle breaks down. You can also conveniently book an MOT or service appointment, and apply for the necessary overseas driving documentation.


Buy My Car

Submit a request for a purchase price for your current vehicle by entering the vehicle’s information. Our team will then contact the finance company on your behalf to retrieve the information.


Sell My Car

Get an estimated price for your car if you wish to sell at the end of your agreement (depending on finance type).


Bridle Vehicle Leasing

Get quick access to the Bridle Vehicle Leasing contact information and website address.


Licence Checker

If using Bridle Assist to monitor a fleet, managers can instantly check a driver’s licence to determine whether they have any points or bans.


Report an Accident

If you’ve had an accident in your vehicle, report the incident within the app and our team will alert the finance company on your behalf.


P11D Viewer

Check the P11D value of your vehicle.


Tax Calculator

Calculate the monthly company car tax of a specific vehicle.


Driver Checklist

A complete and trackable checklist for what to routinely check on your vehicle. The checklists will also be viewable in the central system to fleet managers.


Trip Recorder

Record the number of miles travelled in your vehicle for a specific journey. Start the recording before setting off and stop it when you arrive to see how far you have travelled. You can also view previous journeys or enter them manually. This data will be available on the central system to be accessed by fleet managers.


Book A Rental

Bridle Vehicle Leasing can also help source a rental car for you. Simply fill out the form and the team will be in touch.


Contract Adjustment

Request to edit or amend certain aspects of your lease agreement. Our team will contact the finance company on your behalf to obtain the relevant quotes.


Please note, some features may not be accessible, or may not work, if you do not have a live contract with us.