Summer Driving

On By Sam Allibone
Summer Driving

While this summer has delivered mixed blessings in terms of weather so far, the few hot days we have had highlighted some of the potential hazards that come with using your car during a warm spell.

The key factor is that temperatures inside a vehicle can very quickly rise way above the outside temperature; in fact they can almost double even when the car is left in a shady spot.

So, perhaps the most important advice is to never leave young, elderly, or otherwise vulnerable people inside a car, even with the windows open.

The same advice goes for pets. Dogs and other animals can suffer heat stroke which means they are unable to regulate their own temperature. Tragically, this can be fatal.

It is also worth considering the temperature of surfaces inside your car. Seats, child seats, belt buckles and even steering wheels and gear selectors can give second degree burns. This is particularly the case for the more delicate skin of children.

Hydration is a further consideration. It’s sound advice to keep yourself and other well hydrated in hot conditions, especially if you happen to be driving. Dehydration can lead to difficulty in concentrating or even dizziness and fainting which can lead to serious accidents.