The New Kia Stinger ‘GT S’

On By George Poland
The New Kia Stinger ‘GT S’

Kia has delivered its new ‘GT S’ model for the Kia Stinger line. The high-performance fastback sports saloon has a brand-new design with refreshed features and a whole host of technology and safety upgrades.

The new upgrade shows off a re-designed exterior design that enhances the cabin quality and appearance. One of the more notable features to the car’s exterior is the high-tech light signature and new rear combination lamp that spans the width of the car. A motorsport-inspired design was used with the rear LED lights that comprise of 10 individual lights arranged into a chequered flag.

The inside of the car has similar architecture to the previous derivatives but with slight nuanced improvements to the materials and visuals, creating a more luxurious and premium feel. The flat-bottomed steering wheel has gained a new metallic finish and a chrome bezel has been put on the instrument cluster. Kia’s improved 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment and navigation system has also been added to the dashboard.

A new frameless rear-view mirror has been installed creating a modern feel to the car whilst improving rearward visibility. The driver will also have a choice of up to 64 colours in the new mood lighting system, that will give a customizable character to the cabin.

The Stinger’s 10.25-inch touchscreen and infotainment system allows for Bluetooth smartphone pairing for two phones at the same time, this enables passengers to deal with calls and music with separate phones. The split display also means that any users can control different vehicle features simultaneously too. The voice control system can be used to alter heating, ventilation, audio and navigation.

The Kia Stinger GT S continues with the Stinger’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. On top of this a new Blind-Spot View Monitor has been added to eliminate the left- and right-hand side blind spots.

Lane Following Assist will keep you driving in the centre of your lane and Highway Driving Assist will help keep the vehicle a set distance from the one in front on a motorway. Furthers safety measure include Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist that gives protection when turning into a junction.

Safe Exit Warning will alert occupants with a warning if they attempt to open a door onto any oncoming traffic, whilst Rear Occupant Alert will also sound an alert if anyone has been left inside the vehicle upon exit.

To conclude, the new Kia Stinger GT S comes with a whole range of new fancy tech and safety upgrades to make this new car a pleasure to drive.