Finch Group Bridle Vehicle Insurance

About Us

Finch Group Bridle Vehicle Insurance has developed valuable and long term relationships with major UK Insurers. These enviable partnerships allow us to access specially negotiated facilities and very advantageous rates with excellent levels of cover and security. ​Our fleet department is one of the fastest growing in the UK. We are able to provide competitive rates, tailored to suit your individual requirements. We can quote for any combination of vehicles and have excellent facilities for cars, mini buses, performance vehicles, trucks and vans. We have large accounts in food wholesale supply, retail and offices, commercial and residential property, manufacturing, fashion and reprographics. We also have a vibrant and fast growing personal lines unit which can provide surprisingly competitive quotes from a large panel of car, van, household and travel insurers. This is an exciting and busy time for us. However, outstanding customer service remains a key priority. The very fact that we're now serving second and third generation clients is a testimony to the success of our approach. Our team are professional and experienced and 'here to help'. Most Important - we have a specialist claims unit that will advise and assist you with every aspect of your claim from initial notification to final settlement. A review of your existing arrangements will not take long and we may be able to save you money, without compromising either your cover or your security. So, even if your insurance is not due now, why not contact us so we can provide you with a surprisingly competitive quotation. Please visit or call the team on 01993 772957 for a free quotation or further information.