Charging Point Installation


Home Charging Points

You can charge your Electric or Hybrid vehicle at home by using a standard 3 pin plug, however this can be slow and cumbersome. Therefore, we suggest installing a home charging point for quicker charging.

This enables you to charge your vehicle much quicker using a Type 2 charging cable and is a generally more robust solution that is suitable for many environments.

Home charging points are normally fitted in the garage or on an outside wall near the driveway.


Work Charging Points

Charging points at a place of work can often be as useful as home charging points. They allow drivers to charge their vehicle during the course of the working day, ready to drive home on a topped-up battery.

However, when operating several electric vehicles, multiple charging points may be needed, often requiring extra and more intensive installation work. The work may also cost more due to being installed in car park spaces at a greater distance from the building.

When looking at workplace solutions, should a more bespoke solution be required, a site visit will be carried out in order to fully establish the best solution for the business.



Several well-established suppliers are operating nationally across the UK - although we are unable to install charging points ourselves, we recommend Rolec Sevices who have already installed many charging points for our personal & business customers across the UK. 

You can find their details below, or by downloading this PDF. When enquiring, be sure to use our unique voucher code BridleEV21.